The Norwood Resource supports the Federal Resources Minister’s comments.

In reference to the claims various groups make in the media about a number of issues in the resources sector, the Australian Federal Energy Minister, Gary Gray, in May 2013, stated in a document distributed to the media prior to his speech at the APPEA Conference in Brisbane, “(this is) about spreading fear and confusion to achieve a dramatic media-driven objective.” However, “the noise is made by a relatively small number of people.

He added, “We need to put evidence and science into the current debate – and balance the misinformation that is being peddled in the public arena, and we need to be robust about it.

More importantly, he stated “This is a shared challenge for industry and government.

The Norwood Resource believes that not only should the industry and government be robust about the misinformation being promulgated in the media but those who are interested in an open and transparent review of the scientific facts should also question the claims of these minority groups.

As you will note from the section on why The Norwood Resource was formed, we have been dismayed by non-factual assertions and opinions that widely appear in the media regarding the oil & gas Exploration & Production industry.  We believe it is time that balanced and accurate reports are presented to the public by the media.

The Norwood Resource will constitute a location from which factual, scientific and verifiable information in regard to the social and environmental impacts of oil & gas operations can be provided to the media and the community at large.  In addition, the Norwood Resource will challenge and expose unverifiable assertions and deliberate misinformation or distortion of facts that is generated by lobby groups and publicised by the media.


  1. […] to an unsuspecting public that the then Federal (Labour) Resources Minister, Gary Gray, commented in his address to the APPEA Conference in 2013, that it is about “about spreading fear and confusion to achieve a dramatic media-driven […]

  2. […] During the last 10 days, the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) has aided and abetted environmental organisations like Pew, IFAW and the Greens in what is best described by quoting ex-Federal Resources Minister, Gary Gray, as “spreading fear and confusion to achieve a dramatic media-driven objective.” […]

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