Is KI Council misinforming the KI Community regarding seismic surveys?

The article in the KI Islander calling the community to a rally on Sunday 22 December 2013, contains a number of significant inaccuracies and misrepresentations of the facts and science. For example: 1. “The final decision is to be made by our federal government on Christmas eve,” This statement is incorrect. A decision will not […]

Did SA Senator Penny Wright misinform Parliament and the community?

SA Senator Penny Wright’s recent speech and motion in the Senate obviously did not make much of an impression.  Only  2 senators voted for the motion – Sarah Hanson-Young and Penny Wright herself. If we take just one section of her speech (which is presented as facts and upon which her entire speech and motion […]

Do seismic surveys cause whales to strand?

Environmental groups and others claim that they do (or can)!  However, there is absolutely no evidence to support their claims while, in fact, there is significant evidence to the contrary.  Firstly, during recent years many mass strandings of whales occur in regions where: no seismic surveys have been conducted (eg. East coast of Tasmania); or […]

Why all the fuss about seismic surveys?

Concerns are often raised by environmentalists about the impact of offshore seismic surveys on whales and dolphins. However, there is no evidence from over four decades of seismic surveys that whales and dolphins are adversely affected by seismic sounds. This is not surprising given that the sounds they emit themselves, such as their vocalisations and […]

How loud is the sound of a breaching whale?

The sound levels of breaching whales can be found in published literature.  In a paper published by APPEA, and based on published information, we can see on page 4 that the sound level of a breaching whale is quoted as 200dB re 1 micro Pascal at one metre from the source (ie extremely close to the […]