Is a petition that is based on misinformation null and void?

The petition currently being run by the Endangered Species Coalition and supported by “Deep Sea Oil Free NZ”, is an attempt to prevent seismic surveys and subsequently oil and gas exploration and possible development, off the USA Atlantic coast. However, it is based on misinformation which amounts to outrageous claims made by Oceana. Let’s have […]

Comparison of Seismic Sounds with Typical Examples of Sounds in Water and Air

The tabulation below has been prepared to address the often confusing claims made by environmental groups such as Oceana  and Wild Migration regarding the loudness and hence perceived impacts, of seismic pulses in water. The tabulation compares the loudness of seismic pulses with other sounds in water and also relates these to typical sounds we […]

How can Oceana justify misleading the public?

An article by Oceana back in September 2013 made me consider how they can justify publishing such misinformation and distortion of the facts and science and, why they do it.  Unfortunately, their misinformed claims are subsequently repeated by the media and other environmental groups and rapidly become equivalent to myths as opposed to facts. Have […]

How Dependent is Society on Natural Gas?

Further to our article entitled “How Dependent is Society on Oil?” this article summarises the current importance of natural gas in our daily lives. In addition, it explores the undeniable fact that, as an energy source that is cleaner than oil (and coal!), natural gas is poised to become even more important on a global […]

How Dependent is Society on Oil?

Have you ever stopped to consider how important crude oil, which generates a myriad of petroleum products, is in our daily lives? Quite apart from petrol, diesel, jet fuel and a few other “fossil fuel” type products, which many environmental groups would like us to live without, refined petroleum products are used for many items […]