Cetacean Strandings – a plea for honesty

Although I have previously written an article entitled “Do seismic surveys cause whales to strand?”, the recent passionate and vitriolic claims by eNGOs that strandings have been caused by seismic surveys, makes this topic worth re-visiting.  I make no apology for drawing the inspiration for my title from the publication by Bradshaw et al (2006) […]

Inconvenient Truths Suppressed by OIL free SEAS_Kangaroo Island

Having heard rumblings about the hate campaigns adopted by OIL free SEAS_Kangaroo Island (OFSKI – and their previous incarnations) to suppress balanced debate on oil/gas exploration in the Great Australian Bight, I was dismayed but not surprised, to find that they had deleted comments I had made under my screen name* on their Facebook page. […]