Cover Up by OIL free SEAS _ Kangaroo Island(OFSKI)

On 9 February 2015, OFSKI posted two items on their Facebook page.  Both of these were highlighted by TNR on their Facebook page to demonstrate how OFSKI is covering up the true situation.  These two posts appeared after OFSKI had deleted posts from Robert John (aka John Hughes of TNR) and banned him from further […]

The Torrent of Falsehoods on OIL free SEAS _ Kangaroo Island (OFSKI)’s Facebook page continues

Following our article entitled “Inconvenient Truths….” demonstrating how OFSKI is suppressing the truth and spreading misinformation on their Facebook page, the torrent of untruths continues.  Surely OFSKI cannot believe that repeating falsehoods hundreds or thousands of times will make them true?  TNR seeks to ensure that the truth (ie factual, scientific and verifiable information) holds […]