Cover Up by OIL free SEAS _ Kangaroo Island(OFSKI)

On 9 February 2015, OFSKI posted two items on their Facebook page.  Both of these were highlighted by TNR on their Facebook page to demonstrate how OFSKI is covering up the true situation.  These two posts appeared after OFSKI had deleted posts from Robert John (aka John Hughes of TNR) and banned him from further comment.  One of their posts, which suggested OFSKI adhered to the following Gandhi “truth quote”, has already been taken down by OFKSI, presumably as an admission that OFSKI cannot (or do not wish to?) live up to it:

Gandhi truth quote

Gandhi’s quote about the truth

As per TNR’s mission, we ONLY assemble and disseminate “factual, scientific and verifiable information”.  In anyone’s language, surely this equates to the truth? Unfortunately, OFSKI does not subscribe to the same acceptable standards.  In their other post (not yet removed but should be as it is untrue), which is copied in full at the end of this article in the interests of openness and transparency, they claim: “We now feel it necessary to clarify an untruth he (member of TNR) is encouraging & circulating within our community in order to discredit admin and our organisation.  Contrary to rumour, all polite Contributions, Comments, Questions, Ideas & Opinions on this page are NOT deleted or manipulated, censored, gagged or removed in any way to improve our case. That is simply not true, or even necessary.

Let’s look at the facts, with the help of a few screen shots from deleted sections of  discussions following their various posts.

1.There have been no “untruths” coming from members of TNR.  The same cannot be said about OFSKI – for example, they make up statements and attribute them to their challengers such as their their local MP and John Hughes.  When they are challenged for the source of the fictitious quotes, they vilify the requester, delete their comments and ban them from further comment.  Evidence of this has already been published on TNR’s Facebook page.

2.OFSKI claim they are polite and others are not.  That is an extremely false claim as shown by the following screen shots of discussion threads that have since been deleted:

OFSKI cartoon satire gags

This exchange demonstrates that OFSKI (and OFSKI’s supporter) are significantly less polite than those of a TNR supporter.


Despite Sian Begley’s requests being polite, OFSKI deleted the comments and banned her from further comment.  Similarly, in the discussion that led to the latest banishment of John Hughes (aka Robert John), this was one of the sequences that OFSKI has since deleted:

Before OFKSI editing

Before OFSKI deletion of all comments between top and bottom one.

All the comments between the Scott Nickels and Michael Buick comments in the above discussion thread have been removed.  Most reasonable people would consider the comments by “Robert John” quite polite whereas OFSKI’s are somewhat toxic.

3. OFSKI say “Contrary to rumour…..comments…..are NOT deleted” when it is a fact that they do delete comments that do not align with their ideology or, alternatively, question the source of their information.

4.OFSKI falsely calls anyone who questions them about their “facts” (untruths) “oil lobbyists” when they are plainly NOT.  The members of TNR are very supportive of a realistic energy mix which includes renewables.  However, we are not supportive of untrue statements especially in the subject area in which we have experience.

5. OFSKI falsely claim that posts challenging the untruths, promoting the truth or seeking an open/transparent discussion on a particular topic have an “intent to disrupt, distort, argue, abuse, bully, name call, or harass other members or admin”. Any review of the discussion threads removed by OFSKI will demonstrate the opposite! For example:

OFKSI discussion

OFSKI discussion with John Hughes. Let the reader decide who is more polite and factual!

The above examples are but a few that surely demonstrate OFSKI’s duplicitous nature which they are constantly trying to cover up.  Surely they cannot believe that repeating falsehoods hundreds or thousands of times will somehow make them true!?  This was certainly not Gandhi’s message and their tactics are unacceptable in any discussion of  important issues to South Australians.

Cut and paste of OFSKI’s outrageous cover-up:

““We at OIl Free Seas Kangaroo Island appreciate every members contribution to this page. This page was created for people who would like to learn about fossil fuel alternatives, and have a shared interests in the welfare of our Southern Ocean.

This page is NOT designed to promote oil exploration for Bight Petroleum lobbyists so they can argue its benefits.

Yet, It appears that the director of Norwood Group has launched a very aggrieved campaign within his group because he feels excluded. We now feel it necessary to clarify an untruth he is encouraging & circulating within our community in order to discredit admin and our organisation.

Contrary to rumour, all polite Contributions, Comments, Questions, Ideas & Opinions on this page are NOT deleted or manipulated, censored, gagged or removed in any way to improve our case. That is simply not true, or even necessary.

When an oil lobbyist has been banned their comments are automatically removed and all replies on that thread go with it. We apologise to anyone local members in the community who were linked to any or all of Norwood Groups deleted threads. They are welcome to repost their comments on any other link at any time.

What is NOT ACCEPTABLE and will be deleted, are aggressive comments from persons joining with intent to disrupt, distort, argue, abuse, bully, name call, or harass other members or admin. They will be immediately banned without notice or explanation.

A group of oil lobbyists have been entrenched on Kangaroo Island much longer than OIL Free Seas. Some run profitable business on the Island, and are supported by the local MP who has openly aligned himself with that lobby group. His priority lies in winning another election.

Our priority is simply to protect our Southern Ocean from the exploitation of the corrupt oil & gas industry, and to safeguard the local tourism & seafood industry. We believe South Australia’s deserve a future in creating local jobs in clean energy.

In fairness to Oil Free Seas, all persons who have been ‘banned’ were given a cooling off period before being ‘unbanned’.

Thankyou to every single member, for your continued support and understanding that managing a page as controversial and active as this one can be difficult at times.
Thankyou again

Oil Free Seas Kangaroo Island


  1. Norwood Resource says:



    It would appear as though the increased publicity from TNR is only spreading awareness of the situation occurring out in South Australian waters.

    As they say, all publicity is good publicity so one would therefore assume all of the time and effort by TNR to smear OFSKI’s campaign is actually improving awareness and their following.

    Their support continues to grow at a much faster rate than TNR.

    I think we should all have a serious think about what we are doing.

    Concerned Insider

    • johnnwdhughes says:

      It is also spreading awareness of OFSKI’s unethical tactics in forcing their unsubstantiated messages into the public domain. This includes vilification, deletion of comments and banning people from further comment. OFSKI obviously think that this is a “popularity campaign” – it is not about popularity – it is about truths and falsehoods. TNR only promote factual, scientific and verifiable information whereas OFKSI obviously support falsehoods and cover-ups. Talking about cover-ups, “Concerned Insider” you are obviously using the same fraudulent screen name as OFSKI. In another comment you say you know who is behind OFSKI. However, both you and OFSKI are obviously so ashamed of your tactics that you will not reveal who you are. On the other hand, TNR and myself have been totally transparent about our Mission and who we are. As Gandhi said, “even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth”

  2. Concerned Insider says:

    Hey corrupt scientists.. watch this:
    The Norwood Resource is corrupt.
    The Norwood Resource is corrupt.
    John Hughes and Peter Wales are corrupt.
    John Hughes and Peter Wales are liars.

    • johnnwdhughes says:

      Thanks very, very much for your comment “Concerned Insider” – or is it OFSKI? We are very happy to leave it up (as we are with all your comments unless they are duplicated) as it demonstrates your true nature….rather juvenile? As we have said all along, TNR is happy to discuss topics on the basis of factual, scientific and verifiable information and will challenge/counter misinformation and pseudo-science. You and OFSKI obviously cannot discuss any topic on the basis of facts and science and prefer to resort to cartoons, silly poems, vilification, deletion of comments, banning people from further comment and, we understand, even blackmail in order to force your distorted opinions on people. From a quick look at our discussions, most people will quickly realise who are the corrupt ones and who are the liars. As we keep telling you, “the truth is still the truth” and, no matter how many untruths you make up about other people, the truth will prevail.

    • “Concerned Insider”– you really are a piece of work using language and casting aspersions and vilification like that. It really bothers you that the facts do not agree with your pre-determined views, no matter how wrong your views may be.
      Not a good look for for OFSKI

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