TNR’s submission to the SA Parliament’s Natural Resources Committee fracking inquiry

There were a total of 176 submissions to the SA Parliament’s Natural Resources Committee Inquiry into Unconventional Gas (Fracking).  Given the fact that the Inquiry had been instigated on the basis of fear-mongering, myths and pseudo-science in the first place, TNR sought to counter and challenge the inevitable barrage of distorted information submitted by the […]

TNR’s submission to eco-charity Inquiry

TNR was pleased to hear about the House of Representatives Environment Committee inquiry into whether eco-charity (eNGO) donations are benefiting the environment. For a long time eNGOs have been getting away with misleading a caring and giving community with their campaigning in ways that would contravene Australian Consumer Laws if these eNGOs were businesses selling […]

TNR promotes the facts about “fracking”

TNR recently wrote letters to the Border Watch, the Stock Journal and InDaily, promoting the recent guide produced by the SA Government and Department of State Development (DSD).  The guide is available as a booklet (see image of front cover below) or online on the DSD website. The letter to the Border Watch was published […]