Exposing the “Gas Hoax”

TNR has contributed in a small way to funding the films of Irish freelance reporter Phelim McAleer, which focus on the facts regarding fracking and unconventional gas/oil exploration/production in the USA.  This is because TNR wants the debate about CSG, fracking, etc, to be evidence-based and not based on myths, pseudo-science and misinformation.

The most notorious anti-fracking and anti-fossil fuel beat up was a film in 2010 by Josh Fox, called Gasland.  Gasland was based upon misinformation, hyperbole and blatant hoaxes.

The initial success of Gasland, in its quest to (incorrectly) portray the consequences of unconventional gas/oil, as well as fracking, was primarily due to the sensationalist hype and lack of serious questioning by interviewers and reporters.  It was obvious that sensationalist scenes from Gasland, such as the gas in water from a domestic tap (or faucet) being set alight, were just too good to ignore as “news”.

Such scenes have been thoroughly debunked as hoaxes. Gas in water was being lit in burning flames well over 100 years ago, a long time before unconventional gas and fracking came along. In fact, this sign in New York State demonstrates how misinformed (or deceitful) Josh Fox is.

Burning Springs

There are also references to “burning bore water” in outback Australia. A recent article entitled “Save the Bees” by Mick Micenko in “Preview”, a news publication of the Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (ASEG), discusses the misinformation spread by environmental activists and used an example from here in Australia to counter the claims about hydraulic fracture stimulation. The box below containing a quote from Neville Shute’s “A town like Alice” is especially revealing given the fact that outback towns such as Roma and Burketown also discovered gas in their water bores over 100 years ago!

gas in water bores

Mr Josh Fox’s films and claims were also reviewed by the NSW Chief Scientist and found to be unrepresentative of the issues regarding unconventional gas and fracking.

An Australian ‘look alike’ film was also released in early 2015 entitled ‘Frackman’.  As with Gasland, this was to aiming to garner interest based on sensationalism and, just like Gasland, there little or no facts evident in the film. Both have the same theme, to trash an industry that provides essential products to its customers, from fuel for cars and trucks (which transport our food from farm to factory to our supermarket shelves), plastics for our mobile phones and computers and a myriad of other essential everyday products, all to gain some notoriety on the basis of a hoax.

Click on this link to view the trailer produced by Phelim McAleer questions Josh Fox who admits that “….there are reports from 1936 that people say they could light their water on fire in New York State” well and truly before unconventional gas and fracking came along.

Enjoy Mr Fox squirm!


  1. Regardless of whether chemical fracking causes groundwater to be infused with methane, or polluted by toxic chemicals, your filthy fossil fracking activities scar and uglify the landscape, knocking down trees to make your access roads and well-sites. LESS TREES/FORESTS=CLIMATE RUIN! DEFORESTATION IS THE UNADMITTED MAIN CAUSE OF DEFORESTATION, CO2 Emissions 2ndry. Also, we have ENOUGH Fossil Fuels being burnt, emitting not only CO2 BUT ALSO AIR & [COOLING] WATER HEATED by the Combustion Process. BUILD US SOME SOLAR POWER STATIONS you MORONS! But ALL you care about is QUICK $$$$$$. You CGAF like all GREEDO-/SOCIO-/ECO/PSYCHO-PATHS. You help make Australia a SHITHOLE & The Planet a MULLOCK-HEAP with much help from others of your scumbag ilk. OF COURSE you will not let my words pass your ‘Moderator’ aka Truth Manager/Censor. WHO CARES! KARMA upon and I hope it’s soon and painful, preferably in the testicles area. DON’T e-mail me. My phone number is 0423 012 305 and my Twitter address @leshutch2001. I will speak to anyone with a half-functioning brain, even Plundering Mongrels like you lot. Cheers, Les Hutchinson.

  2. johnnwdhughes says:

    Les, thanks for your comment which, based on your reference to a “moderator”, you did obviously did not expect to be published. This site is open and transparent and, as stated in the “Welcome” section, “We welcome your comments”. The Norwood Resource (TNR) is very happy to publish all comments as its aim is to provide the facts and science on which interested persons can make up their own minds. Given the abuse and lack of substance in your comment we are at a loss to understand your objective. TNR is not anti-renewables nor a lobbyist/advocate for the oil/gas industry. TNR simply wants the debate on the inevitable energy transition to be based on the facts and science and not misinformation, lies or myths. The full environmental impact of renewables must be considered in this transition – there is no point ignoring them and exaggerating the impacts of oil/gas. For example, wind farms and solar farms require extensive use of resources (energy from oil/gas/coal, steel, cement, rare earths, plastics, silicon, etc) and also have their own environmental impacts such as bird-kill and removal of trees/vegetation. http://www.eenews.net/stories/1060011853

  3. Michele Harman says:

    I came here looking for science and found opinion. Your site reads like another gas industry apologist site – “Enjoy Mr Fox squirm”? Why should we.. or he? Cherry-picking comments does not bolster any argument. Please stick to science and actually present some. Disappointed.

    • johnnwdhughes says:

      Michelle, thanks for your opinion but you appear to have ignored the facts and science and simply focussed on the final statement: “Enjoy Mr Fox squirm”. Any reasonable person viewing the video clip would have noted that Mr Fox was well and truly exposed when he admitted that “….there are reports from 1936 that people say they could light their water on fire in New York State”

  4. there are many references on this website to facts that you should read that present the science. There is no cherry-picking; and you focusing on the the “Fox squirm” phrase only is not relevant to the issue and ignores the facts presented. Question; do you have a fixed view that against the issue and will not allow, or accept, any other facts that counter your views?

  5. This is great news on how the Government and Operators have responded to the communities concerns about air quality and claimed air quality issues, because now we have live streaming.

    No doubt eNGO’s will find something to criticize about the “real time data” but it will be a tough one for them to get around, most likely they will ignore it. I certainly haven’t seen it posted on Lock the Gate FB page or website. I would post it myself but I have been banned for supplying objective information in the past, obviously doesn’t suit their agenda.

    An interesting point is Tara where many unsubstantiated claims have been made about air quality and health issues, this morning the air quality is “very good” and has been for some time.


    • johnnwdhughes says:

      Leith, thanks for that link – very informative and certainly demonstrates that the eNGOs don’t want the facts to get in the way of their story!

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