GAB Alliance now censors information

TNR has previously exposed the unethical tactics (eg. deleted comments, commentators being banned from further comment, vilification, etc) used by Oil Free Seas – Kangaroo Island (OFSKI), now called Oil Free Seas – Australia (OFSA), in an article entitled “Inconvenient Truths Suppressed by OIL free SEAS-Kangaroo Island“. While OFSA is a member of the Great […]

GAB Alliance sets ‘sail’ in sea of misinformation

TNR has previously asked the question “Is the eNGO campaign against BP’s Bight drilling program deceptive?“.  In that article we demonstrated how the likes of The Wilderness Society’s Peter Owen does not let the facts get in the way of his misinformed story. While TNR members have every respect for and are protective of the […]

Nobel laureates (and TNR) question eNGOs’ anti-scientific stand

During the last week, there has been significant debate in the media about a letter signed by more than 100 Nobel laureates imploring Greenpeace to refrain from its anti-scientific stand against genetically modified organisms (GMOs), in particular the group’s effort to stop the use of a kind of rice aimed at eradicating vitamin A deficiency, […]