What is The Norwood Resource?     

 Our mission:

  1. To assemble and disseminate factual, scientific and verifiable information about the environmental impacts of oil and gas exploration and production to the media and the community at large.
  2. To actively challenge and counter misinformation about the impacts of oil and gas exploration and production on the environment.
  3. To inform key media personnel about the environmental regulations under which the energy industries operate and the care with which they research and maintain best environmental practices.
  4. To establish and maintain a centre of expertise about the oil and gas exploration and production industries and best practice environmental protection knowledge and outcomes.

 Our History
The Norwood Resource evolved from an informal monthly gathering of retired, semi-retired or independent oil and gas industry professionals who had become increasingly dismayed about the way these industries were being misrepresented in the media.  Assertions that these industries impact poorly on the environment come from ill-informed and often untrue statements in the press with scant reference to any facts.  The Norwood Resource team has first-hand knowledge about all facets of the oil and gas industries and can assemble, review and provide a definitive assessment of the relevant facts.

As a consequence, The Norwood Resource was formed as an informal not-for-profit organisation in late 2012 and formally incorporated as a not-for-profit entity in August 2013.

Why did we form?

Here’s a list of reasons behind this group:

1. All members are retired or semi retired former long term industry professionals with many years of experience.

2. Each member has a strong sense of integrity and achievement with regard to their experience within the geoscience, environmental, and oil and gas industries.

3. The Norwood Resource has been dismayed by non-factual assertions and opinions that bombard the media regarding oil and gas exploration and production

4. It is time that balanced presentations are carried by the media to the public so that the activities of Australia’s key oil and gas exploration and production industries are viewed factually by the communities in which they operate.


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