Peter Wales, a Kangaroo Island resident and businessman has been following the debate about oil & gas exploration in Australia and in the following article (posted on poses some environmental / economic and moral questions regarding supporting the continued responsible oil & gas exploration (and production) in Australia.

This is especially relevant today, as Australian’s are waking up to the fact that at any one time there are only 2 to 4 weeks supply of produced petroleum products (diesel, petrol – ULP, Avgas etc) available for the whole country.

Australia is extremely dependent upon the continuation of imported refined petroleum products, and any interruption to the continued importation of these products will mean Australia could grind to a halt. If this occurs activists against oil and gas exploration and development here in Australia will have nowhere to hide!

One would think this precarious position Australia is in regarding its liquid energy supplies would mean activists (and so called ‘Green Groups’) would take a practical view of oil and gas exploration in Australia, unfortunately too many of them are driven by a blinkered ideology mantra of ‘saving the world’, which doesn’t need ‘saving’.

Peter has kindly given permission for us to highlight his article on our site.
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