Can’t grow food without fertiliser (made from gas)!

Can’t transport food without fuel (diesel)!

Can’t make vehicles without oil & gas!

Can’t get to protest marches without rubber tyres (made from oil)!

Can’t drive on bitumen roads (made from oil & gas)! and

Can’t wear most of the clothes I have on (made from or with the help of fossil fuels (hydrocarbons))!

So, what about these advocates for no fossil fuel (coal, oil and gas)?

Do they, or would they live their lives without fossil fuels in their lives??? (highly unlikely!)

What would life would be like without oil & gas in our lives? 5 million Australian households are now connected to gas.

So, just imagine what your life would be like without fossil fuels –

Oil & Gas are commonly called petroleum (hydrocarbons), and there are hosts of products (in excess of 6,000) that we all use in our daily lives that use and are based on petroleum products.

The two links below give just a snapshot of the range of products that are either based on or use petroleum (oil & gas) to be available to you and your loved ones. and

Hydrocarbons, natural gas and crude oil in particular, enable us all to achieve the standard of living we enjoy and others aspire to. Oil and gas are used to produce many, many products including hydrocarbons chains which can be used to produce plastics, such as parts for your car and mobile phones; computers (for example, if you are reading this on a mobile device or PC you are using are a product derived from natural gas), drink containers (plastic water bottles) to gas, diesel or petrol for our vehicles to transport us, and we travel on roads made from asphalt (also known as ‘sealed roads’ or bitumen, even blacktop), which are also derived from hydrocarbons (oil). The tyres for our vehicles (and aeroplanes, trucks etc) are also derived from oil & gas. Without crude oil and natural gas we would not get very far!

YES! hydrocarbon products (derived from oil and gas) are all around us, enabling us to achieve things like getting the kids to school, allowing us to work (for example, using PC’s and mobile phones) and enables the farmer to get his products to market such as the supermarket, where we purchase and collect them for ourselves, family and friends, using oil and gas products.

Hydrocarbons are essential for the construction of renewable energy generators (wind and solar) for the manufacture of concrete for the foundations, steel for the foundations, and the transmission towers to take the electricity to the distribution network, and transport to get the parts of the renewable generator to site, as well as a vast array of other functions for the renewable generators.

This is why we need oil and gas exploration and production. We depend upon these fossil fuels in our everyday lives. More exploration and production of gas will increase supply and drive the price of our goods down, such as electricity prices, and we all want low priced reliable electricity.

Can’t eat Coal / Can’t drink Gas – maybe not – but you need them to do both and survive in our modern world! or you might starve, die of thirst, freeze to death or even die from heat stroke and dehydration, or live like a hermit by yourself in your own little world.

Fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas) are essential and provide the means to avoid this sort of fate!

Ask anti fossil fuel advocates and demonstrators when was the last time they used and depended upon fossil fuels – perhaps they will use their fossil fuel enabled mobile phone to ‘phone a friend’!

Anti-fossil activists demonstrate against coal and gas but use the products derived from them in their everyday lives, so what does this make the demonstrators – either blind (perhaps wilfully) to this knowledge and/or just hypocritical!


Bruce Holland

31 Oct 2017




Can’t eat coal can’t drink gas 31 Oct 17 rev 2