The Norwood Resource welcomes the release on 30 September 2014 of the Report (which is the ‘Final Report of the Independent Review of Coal Seam Gas Activities in NSW’ ) presented by  the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer (Professor Mary O’Kane).

The Report covers a 19 month Review undertaken by the NSW Chief Scientist and Engineer, and was a rigorous investigation and evaluation of (among other things) the claims made by the American film Gasland released in 2010, as well as the multiple claims and assertions of the anti activists (anti CSG, coal, fossil fuel, fraccing, everything) and found (last dot point on page 7) that;

“There is a perception in some parts of the community that CSG extraction is potentially more damaging and dangerous than other extractive industries. This perception was heightened following the release of the American movie Gasland in 2010. The Review examined this issue in detail and concluded that while the CSG industry has several aspects that need careful attention, as do almost all industries, it is not significantly more likely to be more damaging or dangerous than other extractive industries.“ The Report went on to say that CSG could go ahead with an increased level of regulatory oversight.

In all there are 16 Recommendations, and some groups have already called for the full implementation of all of these.

The adoption of the Recommendations and implementation timetable of these is now a matter for the NSW Government, however what is important to recognise is that the Review found that the CSG industry is no more dangerous or damaging than any other extractive industry, and while the Review recommends industry best practice to be applied to NSW CSG operations, the Review also noted that;

CSG extraction and related technologies are mature and Australia is well equipped to manage their application” (page 9) and that Risks can be managed” (page 10) and as is always the case for every process (and every human endeavour) and extraction operation “There are no Guarantees” – but then there are no guarantees in life!

B Holland