During recent months, The Norwood Resource (TNR) has published several articles countering/challenging the misinformation being peddled by the GAB Alliance and the unethical tactics it uses to suppress information. These include “Is the eNGO campaign against BP’s Bight drilling program deceptive?“, “GAB Alliance sets ‘sail’ in sea of misinformation” and “GAB Alliance now censors information“.

Recently, TNR has produced a tri-fold  flyer (see link) which summarises the key points made in the above articles, points to the high level of support from genuine stakeholders in the Great Australian Bight and questions the motives of Paul Watson, the founder of Sea Shepherd, one of the main members of the GAB Alliance.

Readers will note from the flyer that Paul Watson is quoted as saying “If you don’t know an answer, a fact, a statistic – make it up on the spot“.  This is the same philosophy adopted by the GAB Alliance and, for example, one of its key members, The Wilderness Society.  Furthermore, the GAB Alliance has obviously adopted the strategy used by another of its members, Oil Free Seas – Australia (formerly Oil Free Seas – Kangaroo Island, or OFSKI), of deleting valid information posted on its Facebook page and banning from further comment those who have posted the information.

These actions of spreading misinformation, deleting very balanced comment and banning further comment, demonstrates that the facts (ie the truth) are too inconvenient for the GAB Alliance!

If you agree that the GAB Alliance actions are not acceptable, please consider posting your concerns on the GAB Alliance, Fight for the Bight or any of the GAB Alliance members Facebook pages and/or websites.