TNR was pleased to hear about the House of Representatives Environment Committee inquiry into whether eco-charity (eNGO) donations are benefiting the environment.
For a long time eNGOs have been getting away with misleading a caring and giving community with their campaigning in ways that would contravene Australian Consumer Laws if these eNGOs were businesses selling products. In TNR’s opinion the same or similar laws should be applied to campaigning for donor funds as they already are to advertising for consumer funds.
For almost 2 years, TNR has challenged the misinformation eNGOs place in the public and many of the articles on TNR’s website have highlighted the misleading campaigns run by eNGOs. For example, “The right to protest or lobby should not be abused” and “Do protestors tell the truth and are their protests based on facts?“.

References to many other articles plus salient points about this issue can be found in TNR’s submission to the House of Representatives Environment Committee Inquiry.

It is interesting to note that eNGOs such as Friends of the Earth and the Wilderness Society are concerned about this Inquiry.  Friends of the Earth (FoE) called it “(Another) attack on environmental groups” and stated “The Coalition government seems to be intent on trying to silence anyone who stands up for the environment.”  TNR (and we would suggest, the government) has no objection to anyone who stands up for the environment but we do object to those who use scare-mongering, myths, pseudo-science and misleading comments in the pursuit of their claims.  These organisations should base their claims on factual, scientific and verifiable information and, if they distort the facts and science, they should suffer the consequences, such as losing their tax-deductible status.

Meanwhile, Wilderness stated the following in a recent communication to their members: “…….we are concerned about the motivations behind an Inquiry set up by the Government-controlled House of Representatives of the Australian Parliament to scrutinize the actions of the environment movement in pursuing our goals and objectives.

TNR would suggest that the “motivations behind (the) inquiry” are obvious. These are that eNGOs like Wilderness and FoE should not have total freedom to distort the facts and science and hence mislead the public in the way that they do.  Thus, if they have nothing to hide regarding their actions why would they be concerned?  Given their track record of deceit, TNR suggests that they should be concerned!