TNR challenges GAB Alliance misinformation

During recent months, The Norwood Resource (TNR) has published several articles countering/challenging the misinformation being peddled by the GAB Alliance and the unethical tactics it uses to suppress information. These include “Is the eNGO campaign against BP’s Bight drilling program deceptive?“, “GAB Alliance sets ‘sail’ in sea of misinformation” and “GAB Alliance now censors information“. […]

GAB Alliance now censors information

TNR has previously exposed the unethical tactics (eg. deleted comments, commentators being banned from further comment, vilification, etc) used by Oil Free Seas – Kangaroo Island (OFSKI), now called Oil Free Seas – Australia (OFSA), in an article entitled “Inconvenient Truths Suppressed by OIL free SEAS-Kangaroo Island“. While OFSA is a member of the Great […]

GAB Alliance sets ‘sail’ in sea of misinformation

TNR has previously asked the question “Is the eNGO campaign against BP’s Bight drilling program deceptive?“.  In that article we demonstrated how the likes of The Wilderness Society’s Peter Owen does not let the facts get in the way of his misinformed story. While TNR members have every respect for and are protective of the […]

Nobel laureates (and TNR) question eNGOs’ anti-scientific stand

During the last week, there has been significant debate in the media about a letter signed by more than 100 Nobel laureates imploring Greenpeace to refrain from its anti-scientific stand against genetically modified organisms (GMOs), in particular the group’s effort to stop the use of a kind of rice aimed at eradicating vitamin A deficiency, […]

More misinformation from KI Council

The Norwood Resource (TNR) has previously written about the manner in which KI Council mislead the KI community in an article entitled “Is KI Council misinforming the KI Community regarding seismic surveys?“.  Commenting on that article, the then deputy mayor (now mayor), Peter Clements, made a vain attempt at trying to defend the Council’s actions, […]

Facts ignored in SE South Australia fracking activism

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen a heightened profile of the anti fracking and anti unconventional gas activists being reported in the Border Watch, a regional newspaper, which services the South Eastern area of South Australia. Australia is heading for an election (July 2 2016) and while the major issues revolve around […]

Is the eNGO campaign against BP’s Bight drilling program deceptive?

Whenever there’s a good news story for South Australia, like BP establishing an exploration drilling supply base in Port Adelaide and formally opening it on Friday 4 March 2016, there follows a flurry of mostly negative comments by the media and eNGOs.  Examples include the ABC’s, “BP supply base launched while exploration approval still pending“, […]

TNR continues to counter misinformation on fraccing in SE South Australia

The following letter, written by Bruce Holland of The Norwood Resource, was published in the Border Watch today, 27 October: “Further to my letter to The Editor (Thursday 8th Oct), and in regard to numerous articles over the last 3 to 4 weeks published in The Border Watch in relation to unconventional gas and fracture […]

More on the Attenuation of Sound in Water

In an earlier article entitled “How quickly does sound attenuate in water?“, I provided a series of graphs to demonstrate the different ways, using logarithmic (log) scales and a variety of decibel types, that the attenuation (or decay) of sound in water can be represented (or misrepresented!). The attenuation (or decay) of sound in water […]

Exposing the “Gas Hoax”

TNR has contributed in a small way to funding the films of Irish freelance reporter Phelim McAleer, which focus on the facts regarding fracking and unconventional gas/oil exploration/production in the USA.  This is because TNR wants the debate about CSG, fracking, etc, to be evidence-based and not based on myths, pseudo-science and misinformation. The most […]