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The Norwood Resource Incorporated (TNR) invites applications for membership from those within the community who may wish to contribute toward TNR achieving its goals as set out in our Mission.

If you agree with TNR’s mission and are concerned about the misinformation in the public arena then please assist TNR by becoming a member and, if you have the time, assisting TNR to become a force aimed at changing the way the industry is seen by the public.

Your financial support is needed and appreciated to continue this worthwhile work, to get the facts into the media reporting and challenging misinformation in the media.

As mentioned in the About page all inaugural Members have a wide and varied experience within the resources sector, predominantly oil & gas exploration, geology, environment, production operations etc, and have a passion and commitment to having a balanced discussion based upon evidence based information and facts in relation to the impacts upon the environment due to oil & gas exploration and operations, as well as mineral exploration and production.

Applicants can nominate to be one of the following:

  1.  An Active Member (voting) , which is generally open to nominees who are retired, semi retired or Independent and possessing a wide and sound experience within the resources industries.
  2. An Associate Member (non-voting), which is open to nominees who are interested in TNR’s objectives and who are an employee, and /or actively employed within the oil & gas or mineral exploration / development industries.
  3. An Overseas (non-voting), which is available to non Australian residents, who may otherwise qualify for membership as detailed above.

Interested persons are invited to download the 2018 TNR Membership Form and submit their application, along with the payment of $20, which is the annual membership fee set for 2016.

Email your completed application to or send it to PO Box 235, Highgate SA 5063.

You may like to make a donation to The Norwood Resource – please see the Donations page.



  1. Paul McDougall says:

    Great initiative, and I think you will receive some informed support. The nonsense that is propagated with the zeal of a crusade needs to be countered with clearly stated facts. It doesn’t happen enough, and our media, particularly our state funded ones, do a terrible job.

    Good luck, will donate and join your efforts.

    • Bruce Holland says:

      Hi Paul;
      Thank you for your comment and support.
      We agree there is a lot of unfounded claims from environmental groups, and these are rarely questioned.
      We aim to get the facts out into the media and social media in particular, and get balance back into the debates.
      Cheers and Thanks
      The Norwood Resource (TNR)

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