Letters to the Editor – The Border Watch – The SE of South Australia

The South East of South Australia (SE of SA) has been the focus over the last 4 to 5 years of protests against unconventional and conventional oil & gas exploration and production. The area has seen over 100 exploration and production wells drilled over the last 100 years. So there is a long history of […]

TNR challenges GAB Alliance misinformation

During recent months, The Norwood Resource (TNR) has published several articles countering/challenging the misinformation being peddled by the GAB Alliance and the unethical tactics it uses to suppress information. These include “Is the eNGO campaign against BP’s Bight drilling program deceptive?“, “GAB Alliance sets ‘sail’ in sea of misinformation” and “GAB Alliance now censors information“. […]

GAB Alliance now censors information

TNR has previously exposed the unethical tactics (eg. deleted comments, commentators being banned from further comment, vilification, etc) used by Oil Free Seas – Kangaroo Island (OFSKI), now called Oil Free Seas – Australia (OFSA), in an article entitled “Inconvenient Truths Suppressed by OIL free SEAS-Kangaroo Island“. While OFSA is a member of the Great […]

Is the eNGO campaign against BP’s Bight drilling program deceptive?

Whenever there’s a good news story for South Australia, like BP establishing an exploration drilling supply base in Port Adelaide and formally opening it on Friday 4 March 2016, there follows a flurry of mostly negative comments by the media and eNGOs.  Examples include the ABC’s, “BP supply base launched while exploration approval still pending“, […]

TNR reports on SA Roundtable for Oil & Gas Projects in SA

In keeping with their objective to get the facts into the public arena, a meeting convened by the South Australian Department of State Development (DSD) held on Friday, 25th September was very opportune, as some of the guest speakers at the all day event came from USA, UK, Canada, and South Africa. These visitors were […]

TNR’s submission to the SA Parliament’s Natural Resources Committee fracking inquiry

There were a total of 176 submissions to the SA Parliament’s Natural Resources Committee Inquiry into Unconventional Gas (Fracking).  Given the fact that the Inquiry had been instigated on the basis of fear-mongering, myths and pseudo-science in the first place, TNR sought to counter and challenge the inevitable barrage of distorted information submitted by the […]

TNR’s submission to eco-charity Inquiry

TNR was pleased to hear about the House of Representatives Environment Committee inquiry into whether eco-charity (eNGO) donations are benefiting the environment. For a long time eNGOs have been getting away with misleading a caring and giving community with their campaigning in ways that would contravene Australian Consumer Laws if these eNGOs were businesses selling […]

Do Protestors tell the truth and are their protests based on Facts?

Many environmental non-government organizations (eNGOs) exist based on half truths, misinformation and erroneous interpretations of selected bits of fact, to basically create a scary story.  This scary story is then packaged into short catch cries and pedaled through social media and the public to elicit a media presence and general support, mainly in the pursuit […]

The right to protest or lobby should not be abused

The Norwood Resource wholeheartedly defends the right of individuals and groups to protest or lobby against perceived or actual injustice. However, those that do protest or lobby have a responsibility to ensure that they do not deceive or mislead the community in their attempts to achieve their objectives. Unfortunately, there are many who believe that […]

How can the CSG sector improve its engagement with the public?

Presentation to the 2013 Credit Suisse Coal Seam Gas Conference, 13 November 2013, by David Paterson, Emergent Advisory* Good morning.  It is a great pleasure to offer some thoughts this morning about how the CSG sector might communicate better with its stakeholders and the public in general. I have three simple points that I want […]