GAB Alliance sets ‘sail’ in sea of misinformation

TNR has previously asked the question “Is the eNGO campaign against BP’s Bight drilling program deceptive?“.  In that article we demonstrated how the likes of The Wilderness Society’s Peter Owen does not let the facts get in the way of his misinformed story. While TNR members have every respect for and are protective of the […]

Nobel laureates (and TNR) question eNGOs’ anti-scientific stand

During the last week, there has been significant debate in the media about a letter signed by more than 100 Nobel laureates imploring Greenpeace to refrain from its anti-scientific stand against genetically modified organisms (GMOs), in particular the group’s effort to stop the use of a kind of rice aimed at eradicating vitamin A deficiency, […]

More misinformation from KI Council

The Norwood Resource (TNR) has previously written about the manner in which KI Council mislead the KI community in an article entitled “Is KI Council misinforming the KI Community regarding seismic surveys?“.  Commenting on that article, the then deputy mayor (now mayor), Peter Clements, made a vain attempt at trying to defend the Council’s actions, […]

More on the Attenuation of Sound in Water

In an earlier article entitled “How quickly does sound attenuate in water?“, I provided a series of graphs to demonstrate the different ways, using logarithmic (log) scales and a variety of decibel types, that the attenuation (or decay) of sound in water can be represented (or misrepresented!). The attenuation (or decay) of sound in water […]

Sydney Morning Herald ignores the facts to promote green group propaganda

During the last 10 days, the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) has aided and abetted environmental organisations like Pew, IFAW and the Greens in what is best described by quoting ex-Federal Resources Minister, Gary Gray, as “spreading fear and confusion to achieve a dramatic media-driven objective.” A series of biased articles have been published by SMH […]

The Torrent of Falsehoods on OIL free SEAS _ Kangaroo Island (OFSKI)’s Facebook page continues

Following our article entitled “Inconvenient Truths….” demonstrating how OFSKI is suppressing the truth and spreading misinformation on their Facebook page, the torrent of untruths continues.  Surely OFSKI cannot believe that repeating falsehoods hundreds or thousands of times will make them true?  TNR seeks to ensure that the truth (ie factual, scientific and verifiable information) holds […]

Cetacean Strandings – a plea for honesty

Although I have previously written an article entitled “Do seismic surveys cause whales to strand?”, the recent passionate and vitriolic claims by eNGOs that strandings have been caused by seismic surveys, makes this topic worth re-visiting.  I make no apology for drawing the inspiration for my title from the publication by Bradshaw et al (2006) […]

Inconvenient Truths Suppressed by OIL free SEAS_Kangaroo Island

Having heard rumblings about the hate campaigns adopted by OIL free SEAS_Kangaroo Island (OFSKI – and their previous incarnations) to suppress balanced debate on oil/gas exploration in the Great Australian Bight, I was dismayed but not surprised, to find that they had deleted comments I had made under my screen name* on their Facebook page. […]

Is the Greenpeace NZ campaign against seismic surveys fraudulent?

It appears that the current campaign being waged by Greenpeace NZ is at best hysterically misinformed and, at worst, deliberate deception.  Greenpeace’s claims about the impacts of seismic surveys are so wildly incorrect, it surely leads most thinking people to conclude the latter (ie that they are perpetrating deliberate deception in the pursuit of donor […]

The right to protest or lobby should not be abused

The Norwood Resource wholeheartedly defends the right of individuals and groups to protest or lobby against perceived or actual injustice. However, those that do protest or lobby have a responsibility to ensure that they do not deceive or mislead the community in their attempts to achieve their objectives. Unfortunately, there are many who believe that […]