“Can’t Eat Coal. Can’t Drink Gas.” But You Need Them Both!

Can’t grow food without fertiliser (made from gas)! Can’t transport food without fuel (diesel)! Can’t make vehicles without oil & gas! Can’t get to protest marches without rubber tyres (made from oil)! Can’t drive on bitumen roads (made from oil & gas)! and Can’t wear most of the clothes I have on (made from or […]

Letters to the Editor – The Border Watch – The SE of South Australia

The South East of South Australia (SE of SA) has been the focus over the last 4 to 5 years of protests against unconventional and conventional oil & gas exploration and production. The area has seen over 100 exploration and production wells drilled over the last 100 years. So there is a long history of […]

Compendium of Studies Demonstrating the Safety and Health Benefits of Fracking!

Fracking !!! or Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation A Compendium of Studies Demonstrating the Safety and Health Benefits of Fracking Energy in Depth (USA) have compiled an extremely interesting Compendium of studies including 23 Peer reviewed studies, 17 Government health and regulatory agency reports and reports from 10 research institutions in this compendium. This is a ‘must […]

Facts ignored in SE South Australia fracking activism

Over the past couple of weeks, we have seen a heightened profile of the anti fracking and anti unconventional gas activists being reported in the Border Watch, a regional newspaper, which services the South Eastern area of South Australia. Australia is heading for an election (July 2 2016) and while the major issues revolve around […]

TNR continues to counter misinformation on fraccing in SE South Australia

The following letter, written by Bruce Holland of The Norwood Resource, was published in the Border Watch today, 27 October: “Further to my letter to The Editor (Thursday 8th Oct), and in regard to numerous articles over the last 3 to 4 weeks published in The Border Watch in relation to unconventional gas and fracture […]

Exposing the “Gas Hoax”

TNR has contributed in a small way to funding the films of Irish freelance reporter Phelim McAleer, which focus on the facts regarding fracking and unconventional gas/oil exploration/production in the USA.  This is because TNR wants the debate about CSG, fracking, etc, to be evidence-based and not based on myths, pseudo-science and misinformation. The most […]

TNR reports on SA Roundtable for Oil & Gas Projects in SA

In keeping with their objective to get the facts into the public arena, a meeting convened by the South Australian Department of State Development (DSD) held on Friday, 25th September was very opportune, as some of the guest speakers at the all day event came from USA, UK, Canada, and South Africa. These visitors were […]

TNR’s submission to the SA Parliament’s Natural Resources Committee fracking inquiry

There were a total of 176 submissions to the SA Parliament’s Natural Resources Committee Inquiry into Unconventional Gas (Fracking).  Given the fact that the Inquiry had been instigated on the basis of fear-mongering, myths and pseudo-science in the first place, TNR sought to counter and challenge the inevitable barrage of distorted information submitted by the […]

TNR promotes the facts about “fracking”

TNR recently wrote letters to the Border Watch, the Stock Journal and InDaily, promoting the recent guide produced by the SA Government and Department of State Development (DSD).  The guide is available as a booklet (see image of front cover below) or online on the DSD website. The letter to the Border Watch was published […]

Do Protestors tell the truth and are their protests based on Facts?

Many environmental non-government organizations (eNGOs) exist based on half truths, misinformation and erroneous interpretations of selected bits of fact, to basically create a scary story.  This scary story is then packaged into short catch cries and pedaled through social media and the public to elicit a media presence and general support, mainly in the pursuit […]