Mark Fraser

NT Regional Representative

Mark has more than 35 years of experience in the manufacturing
& services sector of the Oil & Gas Industry, where he has manufactured;
modified; inspected and/or repaired an extensive range of down-hole drilling,casing, tubing and completion equipment, including PDC Drill Bits through to Surface Wellheads, used for both onshore and offshore applications.

Mark started out as an apprentice Fitter & Turner (Mechanical Fitter + Metal Machinist) in the early 1980’s, where he later became a tradesperson, then a foreperson. During
the 90’s Mark lived and worked overseas holding key technical or managerial positions in Malaysia, Singapore & Vietnam where he setup new and/or
retrofitted existing specialised O&G service & manufacturing facilities.

His most recent role back here in Australia was as the country manager for a leading multinational OCTG service & manufacturing group, where he grew the number of O&G premium thread capabilities to double that of any other facility in Australia.

Mark provides TNR with a rich resource of knowledge relevant to the applicable industry standards and procedures associated with many of the industry’s critical equipment’s

Mark is now managing director of his own O&G equipment supply company which supplies high-criticality products for both the upstream & downstream sectors of the O&G industry.

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