Asphalt (or Bitumen)

One of the first use of petroleum by-products discussed in this series is asphalt, or bitumen.  Let us take a look at the benefits from the application of fossil fuel products used for our road surfaces. One does wonder what alternatives the anti fossil fuel activists would have us all use instead!

Can asphalt co-exist with nature? Is it safe for us and animals?

Does Asphalt create jobs?

What is the alternative the activists want? Transition road surfacing? Imagine our millions of cars and trucks traversing the dirt byways.

Instead of motorised vehicles polluting the air, the activists would have to find another cause…Cruelty to Animals an issue?

Going without fossil fuels (and asphalt), does this make our children any safer?


We at The Norwood Resource much prefer to use products derived from fossil fuels for our road base rather than the nonsense (or no) alternatives proposed by the anti fossil fuel activists.

Just another reason we need fossil fuels in our lives.

From the team at

The Norwood Resource (TNR).