Petrolatum gauze is a lightweight cotton bandage that is coated with a translucent substance made from petroleum. This type of bandage is used in hospitals and other health care settings. It is a non-adherent dressing that is widely used for various types of wounds.

A skin graft is one type of wound on which petrolatum gauze is used. When a skin graft is performed, a section of healthy skin is removed from one part of the body and applied to a wound or burn on another part of the body. The skin graft will usually adhere to the cells surrounding the wound to promote faster healing. Petrolatum gauze is used to cover the skin graft to keep it moist and to promote attachment.

Some individuals will have wounds from injury or immobility. On occasion, the doctor may order petrolatum gauze dressings to be used on these types of wounds. This dressing will protect the open area from bacteria. It will not stick to the healthy tissue surrounding the wound.