Oil & Gas – also known as Petroleum which is primarily derived from drilling wells to various depths to locate oil & gas bearing rocks (such as sandstone, shale and coals) then releasing the pressure at the well bore to allow oil and gas to flow from the rock structures to the bottom of the well bore and then up the production tubing to the surface. From there it is shipped (by tankers and / or pipelines) to a processing facility.

Apart from the obvious uses of this petroleum, such as fuel for our vehicles, gas for our stoves and heating, and fuel for our electricity generation, what else is petroleum good for?

There are many uses for the by-products of petroleum. Many are an integral part of our everyday life.

The upcoming series will investigate some of these by-products, to help people understand how much our society relies on some of the things we extract from the ground (from mining and drilling for oil & gas), and to give a few examples of what the anti-fossil fuel activists are expecting society to change to.

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