The Norwood Resource (TNR) has a mission to get the facts about the impact of oil & gas (petroleum) exploration and production impact upon the environment into the public arena and to rebut unsubstantiated claims by environmental groups who seek to achieve their agenda of shutting down the petroleum exploration and production industry by misleading the public and government.

“The latest decision to conduct a Parliamentary Enquiry into potential risks and impacts in the use of hydraulic fracture stimulation (fracking) to produce gas in SE South Australia is another example of activists’ unfounded claims being given credence” said Mr Chris Porter, Chair of TNR.

“There have been countless enquiries into the same subject in many, many other jurisdictions in recent years, which have concluded that the use of fracking has no more impact upon the environment than conventional gas extraction without the use of fracking. Another enquiry here in SA is undue acknowledgement for grandstanding activists, and a loss for the SA taxpayer.” he said.

“Further, this sends the wrong message to business and investors that SA isn’t open for business, and can be dictated to by activists using non factual claims and myths” he said. He added “The fact that over 1000 “fracks” have been completed in over 700 wells in the NE of South Australia during the last 45 years, without contamination of the artesian aquifer, demonstrates that the claims about impacts in the SE are totally groundless.”

“The Norwood Resource is developing its submission to the Parliamentary Enquiry which we anticipate will base its findings upon the facts and not unsubstantiated claims and myths.” he said.

TNR will be holding a meeting outlining its mission and highlighting the myths used by activists to mislead the public about the impacts of offshore and onshore petroleum exploration and production on the environment at The Republic Hotel of Friday, the 28th November 2014.