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SA Parliamentary enquiry regarding “fracking” in SA simply more unfounded myths propagated by activists

28 November 2014

“The latest decision to conduct a Parliamentary Enquiry into potential risks and impacts in the use of hydraulic fracture stimulation (fracking) to produce gas in SE South Australia is another example of activists’ unfounded claims being given credence” said Mr Chris Porter, Chair of TNR. ……(read more)

Next Big Wave Of Economic Development For SA Great Opportunities For South Australia
27 December 2013

“South Australia is on the cusp of a huge economic adrenalin shot with a billion dollars of major oil & gas exploration development in the Great Australian Bight locked in over the next couple of years. Whether this exploration will then translate into billions of dollars’ worth of investment and thousands of jobs will depend how we seize this once in a generation opportunity, and of course exploration success

There is huge potential for new massive oil and gas discoveries in the Great Australian Bight. The exploration area is recognised as one of the last remaining under explored subterranean flood delta’s in the world today, with huge potential for new economic and environmentally sustainable industries to grow within SA” … read more.

Extreme claims about resource exploration ignore facts
23 October 2013

“Predictable, unsubstantiated, scary and misleading claims by some environmental groups do little to inform public debate about the benefits of seismic surveying work in the Great Australian Bight, Norwood Resource said today.

“Today’s announcement by the Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane to award new offshore exploration blocks will translate into hundreds of millions of investment on resource exploration and provide significant economic opportunity for South Australia and Western Australia.

“Seismic surveys have been conducted in Australian waters using compressed air as the source for more than 40 years …” read more.



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