Chris Porter

B.Sc (Hons. Geology Adl Uni, ), M.Sc (Geophysical Engineering Colorado School of Mines),  Senior Executive Program (Stanford University). Has been a member of AAPG, SPWLA, SEG, ASEG, SPE and PESA.

Chris Porter

Chris Porter

Chris has had an extensive working experience in the oil and gas industries across the world, although initially predominantly in the USA, from Texas through to California, and later in Asia and then Australia.

Chris’s experience in the land and marine seismic analysis, basin studies, petrophysics and drilling operations lead him to hold senior roles with major oil and gas exploration and production companies in Australia. Chris was much sought after for his work in start up and establishment exploration operations for many medium sized companies listed on the ASX.

He has held Director (non executive ) roles with a number of companies, and has served as SA PESA Branch President, as well as the PESA (SA Branch) committee for many years, he is also past Chairman of the Geoscience Advisory Committee at the Australian School of Petroleum Adelaide University.

Chris has also been a visiting lecturer and thesis advisor at the Adelaide University, and has lectured at the Australian Mineral Foundation, from 1973 to1987.

Chris has published a number of papers and also has been awarded the PESA  Meritorious Service Award in 2009.


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