The Norwood Resource newsletters are distributed monthly to our members to provide updates on the progress we are making in assembling and disseminating the facts and science and actively challenging and countering misinformation about the impacts of oil and gas exploration and production on the environment.

You can read or download the PDF newsletters from the list below (NB. To efficiently access the links in any newsletter it is better to download the document to your desktop and access the links from there):

Update 3 – 27 July 2017

Letter to ed The Border Watch June July 17

Update 2 – 12 May 2017


Issue 15, August 2016

Issue 14, July 2016

Issue 13, July/August 2015

Issue 12, June 2015

Issue 11, May 2015

Issue 10, April 2015

Issue 9, March 2015

Issue 8, November 2014

Issue 7, October 2014

Issue 6, September 2014

Issue 5, August 2014

Issue 4, July 2014

Issue 3, June 2014

Issue 2, May 2014

Issue 1, April 2014

Find out how to become a member on our Membership page.



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